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It is time to recognize that Puerto Rico is a Narco Island

Before entering the professional field of criminal justice, I have been listening to the drug problem in Puerto Rico, the war on drugs campaign, and the futile effort to continue criminalizing social, mental, emotional, and economic conduct.

As I do not want to continue the rhetoric that we must recognize and accept that PR is an essential and strategic point for its distribution, I include in this publication writings from more than ten years ago pointing out and recognizing what we are without seeing a significant change. In public, political and social policy beyond continuing the defunct and failed War on Drugs; since before I was born.

Evaluate these conversations, and see that it is time to recognize, accept and develop sustainable strategies for our economic and political system, not to eradicate; but at least minimize the financial and strategic activity of drug sales and trafficking in PR.

The Space of Agnes Elisa

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