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Reforming Human Warehouses

By: 👉The Space of Agnes Elisa

(Rodríguez-Manzanero, 2009) Penology studies the social reaction that occurs against people's behaviors perceived by the community or a part of it as harmful, dangerous, or antisocial. Therefore, penology must focus on the critical analysis of the social-penal reaction, the penitentiary systems, and the alternatives to prison.

Nowadays, and depending on the culture and political-social structure, prisons have become human warehouses maintained by the society where there is no initiative or public policy to reinstate these people into society after they have served their sentence. Being objective, we recognize that there are entirely punishable behaviors where rehabilitation or reinsertion is not an option; but how much is that percentage of the total number of prisoners?

Because Western governments maintain human warehouses while other continents seek behavioral and social rehabilitation options for prisoners, the following link aims to answer at least questions about penal reform that balances social need and restorative punishment.

Reference: Torres-Rivera, L. Campos-Cruz,C. (2018) Hacia una penología puertorriqueña: Perspectiva Crítica. Ed Publicaciones Puertorriqueñas.

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