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My Bio:

Agnes Elisa had always felt her calling was in academia, education, e-learning, and criminal justice. Her innate ability to explain complex ideas in a captivating and thought-provoking way was a natural talent.


As a curious individual, she balances her rigorous research endeavors in social justice, education, and intelligence with her passion for igniting curiosity and interest through teaching and making knowledge accessible to all.

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About Agnes Elisa

Over 18 years of experience in the area of:

  • Criminal Investigations & Intelligence Analysis

  • Subject Matter Expert: Criminal Justice, Law Enforcement, Police Sciences, and Intelligence Analysis.

  • Criminal Justice & Law Enforcement Advisor

  • Training Specialist and Development Content in the Criminal Justice Field.

Over 13 years of experience in the area of:

  • Training Specialist and eLearning Development

  • Academic Professor & Instructor

  • E-Learning Specialist & Instructional Designer

  • Academic Researcher + Professional Educator

  • Content Designer

  • Learning Architect

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We aim to create a customized and individualized learning environment for clients in the fields of e-learning, criminal justice, law enforcement, and education. My goal is to enhance learning by tailoring the process to meet the specific needs, trends, and expectations of each individual.

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I specialize in developing distinctive active learning content solutions that provide accessible opportunities for knowledge acquisition and unique experiences.


“Create environments for innovative education that foster critical thinking and hands-on learning, allowing the learner to take control of their own knowledge acquisition.”

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