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Agnes Elisa is a dedicated worker who takes great pride in her projects. Her highly interactive and engaging work style makes an excellent professional.

Agnes is a(n):


Instructional Designer

Applies learning theory and a systemic approach to design and develop content, learning activities, training, and other solutions to support acquiring new knowledge or fundamental world skills. Instructional designers create all instructional materials of a training program, including presentation materials, participant guides, handouts, and job aids or other resources. They are also responsible for evaluating training, including assessing what was learned and whether the learning solution led to measurable behavior change.

eLearning Developer

An eLearning developer is a professional responsible for designing and developing engaging and effective online learning content. This role is becoming increasingly important as more and more companies and organizations turn to online learning to train employees, customers, and other stakeholders.

Learning and Development Specialist

Training and development specialists plan and administer programs that improve the skills and knowledge of their employees. Training and development specialists work in nearly every industry. They spend much time working with people, giving presentations, and leading training activities.

Training Specialist

A training specialist designs, develops and delivers training programs to improve the performance of individuals or teams within an organization. They analyze training needs, identify learning objectives, and create instructional materials. They use various techniques, such as classroom instruction, e-learning modules, and on-the-job training, to deliver the training programs. Training specialists also evaluate the effectiveness of the training programs by assessing learner performance and feedback.



A criminologist works to reduce criminal activities by studying crime patterns and creating solutions to prevent factors that could lead to crime. They work with law enforcement officials to collect data and suggest methods of crime intervention. Criminologists help create laws and policies aimed at reducing crime. They also contribute to the corrections system by creating new programs to rehabilitate criminals and help them transition back into society successfully. These methods help reduce the number of repeat offenders and break the cycle of incarceration.


Former Special Agent

A special agent in law enforcement is a detective with notable arrest and investigative authority. They can arrest individuals violating federal laws in any state or territory. Special agents investigate suspicious criminal violations of local, state, and federal laws to determine whether there's sufficient evidence to recommend prosecution. These agents also can specialize in a specific type of crime based on the government agency they work for, such as drug enforcement.


Criminal Intelligence Analyst

Works with collecting, analyzing, and disseminating information about criminals, particularly criminal organizations. Intelligence Analysts hunt for leads on the structure and hierarchy of criminal organizations, the flow of money and goods, relationships and contacts, current activities and plans, and personal information about the participants, usually with the goal of arrest, prosecution, and conviction of the offenders involved.

Project Management Knowledge & Experience

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