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An effective but not secure knowledge

The following reports for this week talk about the organization, structure, profits, and ROI of a company that although illegal; always makes its profits. From the educational point of view, as a system, we have failed to translate, transport, and invest these mathematical, visionary, and organizational skills in a safe business, legal, and even empowering environment for our young people who apply these skills on the wrong side of society.

We cannot continue creating static, unidirectional content without taking into consideration the most important thing: What do you want to learn?

This also applies when creating public policy. It's public knowledge and for decades that the Mano Dura Policy did NOT work, does not work, and will not work. We must open the discussion to create policy centered on proactive, operational intelligence with scientific data on what has worked and what has failed, prospective intelligence that strikes a balance between security and public health.

That is why our public security system must move and establish the mechanisms and tools to minimize the impact of organized criminal activity and its ramifications.

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