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Working Out Loud

As part of my new journey as an Assistant Professor for the graduate program on elearning, I found exciting content about the WOL mindset. WOL is the acronym of Working Out Loud, created and founded by John Stepper. We applied this to elearning education to be visible in our knowledge, skills, engagement and purpose as elearning specialists. Based on that, here is my overall road about The Space of Agnes Elisa and continue building and growing as a professional and business owner.

Cozy Office

5 Elements of Work

  1. Purposeful Discovery

  2. Relationships

  3. Generosity

  4. Visible Work

  5. Mindset

A practical goal

Gain more attention by approaching more clients and new project about eLearning, intelligence and criminal justice matters.

My 1st contribution

Be more visible by all my social media channels and help others.

Investing in myself

Find more communities to grow, share and follow with my support.

Approach People

Engage with people to offer feedback, advice and open conversations.

Deep Relationships through Contributions

Significant contributions following the 5 elements of work.

My greater purpose

A letter for my future self.

Starting of something big and wonderful

Communications and Post by my social media channels.

Experimenting and Improving

Ongoing process of my projects, ideas, research's, methods and motivations.

When it doesn't work out the way I hoped

Start over again...

Making it a Habit

Set my goals, chart my progress, Structure my environment, Expect Setbacks, Search for the positive, find a friend and picture the way I like life to be.

Imaging the Possibilities

Engaging with people and communities.


More to come.

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